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The Powerwagon XL

Powerwagon XL
Powerwagon XL shown with optional LP generator

The Powerwagon is designed to provide portable power using the sun’s energy.

The Powerwagon XL is a compact electricity generating station that combines three Kyocera KC-125 Panels, twelve Exide deep cycle batteries, a Blue Sky Maximum Power point tracking controller, 3000 watt inverter, and Honda Powered generator to make a portable power station that you can tow with your pickup. You can also get the full $2000 federal tax credit without over spending.

Powerwagon XL Specifications:

  • 4’ x 6’ trailer, 3500# spring axle or 2200# Torflex axle.
  • 4”x 3” steel frame.
  • 2” Ball
  • 50 state lighting
  • Three Kyocera KC-125 panels.
  • Blue sky maximum power point tracking controller.
  • 12 Exide Deep cycle 220 amp hour batteries.
  • Coleman PMP 3000 watt inverter (6000 watts peak for motor starting)
  • Acme 3KVA isolation transformer
  • Fused solar panel disconnects.
  • Honda Powered 65 amp alternator (Hand start)
  • Remote voltage indicator (allows you to monitor battery voltage in your home)


  • Four KC-125 panels (Powerwagon is stretched to 10’ roof length) add $995
  • Electric start diesel generator add $500
  • High capacity fuel tank (add to diesel option only) add $200
  • Electric Start Gas Powered Generator add $200
  • LP Powered generator with auto-start add $1800
  • SVO (Straight Vegetable oil) option includes high capacity tank $1800

Inside View of Powerwagon XL

The Coleman inverter provides 3000 watts continuous, 6000 watts peak power.

Note the heavy (2/0 copper wiring used between batteries. This helps keep power losses low, efficiency high) The ammeter shows generator output.

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